Fine Art Solutions takes its environmental responsibilities with the greatest seriousness.

Our Commitment

In order to demonstrate our commitment to good environmental practice, we will take all reasonable steps to manage our operations, to minimise our environmental impact and to prevent pollution. We will also comply with all applicable environmental legislation and to any other requirements to which our organisation may subscribe.

We make a commitment to continual improvement and to maintain a framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.

Every stage of our production process and every area of our business are reviewed regularly to reduce our carbon footprint. We firmly believe in a ‘step by step” policy in that implementing small changes over time can combine to make a big difference.

Supplying certified products to our customers assists them in achieving their own Social Responsibility commitments.

We take a great care as well in selecting the companies we are working with, and the efforts they are putting into the preservation of the environment. We believe that by purchasing certified products it will have a positive impact on our forests and the wider environment globally and help reduce our carbon emissions. We ensure that all of our printers and paper suppliers understand and comply with our paper sourcing policy.

All of our papers are sourced only from companies who are fully committed to utilising raw materials from well-managed renewable sources and our principal paper supplier has achieved the ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard.

Supporting certified forests helps combat climate change.

Our principal suppliers for printing materials are committed to “environmental printing” whereby they strive to reduce their carbon footprint across the entire company. This is done by a variety of ways including the use of vegetable based inks, recycling cleaning solvents and waste and offsetting any remaining carbon emissions. They operate under a forceful written environmental management policy designed specifically to minimise waste generation, pollution and the use of environmentally unfriendly products.

We support charities dedicated to the preservation of our Planet; Conservation International & The Woodland Trust.

We ensure all our work is printed only on sustainably sourced paper.

We use archival water based inks which eliminates harmful emissions found with traditional solvent printing.

Our packaging is 90% recyclable, we are working hard to achieve 100%.

Our wooden frames are all ethically sourced.

We only purchase and use sustainably sourced stationery.

Staff are positively encouraged to walk or cycle.

All other travel undertaken by Fine Art Solutions is by public transport wherever possible.

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