Our values are; integrity, quality, collaboration, trust, service and an
environmental responsibility.

Fine Art Solutions was established at the beginning of this century as a high-quality scanning and printing studio and all printing is digital.

The original owners were David Roe and Gerry Manning. The studio has established a reputation for very high-quality work with immense flexibility and attention to detail.

Gerry Manning retired in 2018 and the business continued under the ownership of David Roe. It subsequently merged into becoming a division of Felix Rosenstiel`s Widow and Son Limited, a company established in London in 1880 and where David Roe represents the fourth generation.

Fine Art Solutions has a commitment to quality, service and integrity. The company believes in personal relationships and we support our customers in every possible way for any size of project.

Flexibility, reliability and efficiency have always been the three components of our success. We produce quality products at competitive prices and we always deliver in accordance with our commitment to our customers. We understand that in our industry, some decisions have to be taken quickly and always with total confidentiality.

Over the years, our reliability and dedication to quality has been granted with many prestigious awards, including two Queen’s awards for export achievement (1993 & 2007) and other major international export awards such as overall corporate exporter of the year (2004) from the international business awards.


Rosenstiels is a founder member of the Art Copyright Coalition artcopyright.net which has been established to protect the interests of artists, publishers and other copyright holders around the world, and which campaigns vigorously on a global basis to uncover and prosecute copyright infringement.

Creativity has to be protected and Rosenstiels continuously monitors the market throughout the world. As a member of the Art Copyright Coalition we will always make sure that the rights of our artists are respected and will pursue infringers anywhere in the world.

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Copyright infringement is a 'STRICT LIABILITY' crime.

Liability falls on everyone involved, irrespective of whether they knew the goods in question were infringing or otherwise. The excuse 'I did not know' is not a defence.

Any individual or company dealing in infringing goods is therefore liable to punishment and damages, including the perpetrator, any wholesaler or reseller right the way through to the retailer and even to the end consumer. International property infringement in certain jurisdictions is a criminal as well as a civil offence.

The studio is located in Chessington, Surrey and the head office of the company is based in the Chelsea area of London, a renowned and historic place for arts and the home to many interior designers and creative companies. The company commits to running an environmentally friendly policy.

In order to demonstrate our commitment to good environmental practice, we will take all reasonable steps to manage our operations, to minimise our environmental impact and to prevent pollution. We will also comply with all applicable environmental legislation and to any other requirements to which our organisation may subscribe.

We make a commitment to continual improvement and to maintain a framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.

  • We support charities dedicated to the preservation of our Planet.
  • We only purchase and use sustainably sourced stationery.
  • Staff are positively encouraged to walk or cycle.
  • All other travel undertaken by Fine Art Solutions is by public transport wherever possible.