Giclee Printing, high end scanning & proofing


ProofingWe produce proofs for each piece of art that we print. The proofing process allows us to match colours accurately to the original artwork. Our enormous colour matching booth enables us to accommodate very large originals alongside each proof, so that both can be judged in a colour controlled environment. We use industry standard 5000k colour matching daylight to ensure consistency.

We prepare actual ‘press proofs’ on our fine art presses, using the chosen substrate (paper, canvas etc.) for your approval, before your image is printed. Our standard proofing size is a proportionate full image at approximately A3 (420 x 297mm).

Fine Art Solutions has a long established reputation for exact colour matching. Our master craftsmen will spend many hours adjusting, optimising and fine tuning images, making us the most unrivaled studio in the country. It is this outstanding ability that differentiates us from other printmakers.

Digital Archiving

Artists should consider having their important work scanned, proofed and archived prior to selling it, once we have completed this work, we can store it for you for later reproductions. This process also ensures you always have a high quality image of your valuable work.

Once the original work has been sold, the ability to create revenue from that piece is lost if a high resolution digital file does not exist. We always advise artists to ensure work of any significance has been scanned, proofed and archived prior to the sale. These simple steps will allow the artist to make use of their copyright going forward.