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Reproducing the Texture and Finish of an Artwork

Reproducing the Texture and Finish of an Artwork

Capturing the look and feel of an original artwork within a giclée is one of the most difficult aspects of fine art reproduction. Our aim has always been to – as far as possible – convince the viewer that they are not seeing ink on paper, but rather paint strokes sitting proud on a canvas, carefully applied gold leaf reflecting the light or the built up layers of a collage; each one over lapping the other.

This level of accuracy comes from many carefully controlled aspects of our reproduction workflow: from adapting our 3D illumination for each artwork to either encourage or discourage texture from brush strokes through to the careful proofing process ensuring that we do not lose any details within these shaded areas and likewise within the brighter side of brushstrokes.

Artworks that involve the use of reflective materials, such as varnish, glossy oils or gold leaf, can also be extremely difficult to capture. These require a very careful balance of ensuring that the lighting is even across the whole artwork, but also reflecting the correct amount of light specifically within the reflective areas to give a bright feel, while retaining all details within these bright areas.

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