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Artist Spotlight: Victoria Campbell

Artist Spotlight: Victoria Campbell

Victoria is a professional travel photographer who has recently returned to the UK after four years spent living in Minnesota, USA. Taking the scenic route from Minnesota to her new base in London, Victoria followed her passions for travel and photography, capturing many fascinating scenes along the way, through India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and more. Now back in the UK, Victoria and her photography are very much in demand – from studio based food photography to large scale events, bringing her personal style to a wide range of outlets, all while continuing to travel, adding new images to her portfolio and selling prints through her website and pop up stores.


“My passion for Photography began at age 16 when I picked up my first analogue DSLR and experienced the process of developing and printing my first image. Since then I have freelanced in a range of photography styles but my true passion lays within travel photography and with my print business ( My style is about capturing serenity and peace – whether it’s as whimsical as a wild flower or as pensive as fog on Lake Superior – that others can experience, at home, at work or wherever they need an escape. My work is primarily made up of three categories: landscape, lifestyle and wildlife. I prefer the featured subject to suggest a place but it is not immediately obvious where that place is. Whilst the categories of landscape and wildlife are self-explanatory, lifestyle features a variety of textures, plants and people to hint at a different culture or atmosphere, that is not altogether foreign.”
– Victoria Campbell

With her ability to have an image tell a story full of emotion, coupled with a strong visual style, Victoria’s photography has a big impact on the viewer and has also caught the eye of major companies, Nikon and Secret Escapes. In a joint venture, Nikon and Secret Escapes flew Victoria to New York City, where she mentored an aspiring photographer while showing just how picturesque the city is through her own images. It is a testament to Victorias ability that Secret Escapes believed she was the photographer to fully capture the attraction of New York and Nikon believed she was the one to show the full capabilities of their equipment. Nikon have recently caught up with Victoria and conducted an interview with Victoria, exploring her incredible journey so far.

All images ©Victoria Campbell