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Artist Spotlight: Tony Karpinski

Artist Spotlight: Tony Karpinski

Tony Karpinski is a an extremely talented and popular artist, renowned for his exquisitely detailed, photo-realistic oil paintings primarily of African Wildlife, but also of beautiful nudes and atmospheric scenes of Venice and India. Not only is Tony a very successful artist, but he is also one of the most interesting people you are likely to meet – he dedicates a lot of his time and artwork to charity, with one of his original paintings being donated to a cancer research charity each year! Tony has been working closely with the Aspinall Foundation and is currently working on a painting of ‘Djala’ – a Silverback Gorilla, due to be released back into the African wild later this year. Djala’s is an amazing story that you can read about on their website. Tony is also donating a percentage of profits from a recent oil painting of a tiger to them for their charity.

Tony is reproducing most of his originals as limited edition prints. Fine Art Solutions is scanning and proofing to perfectly match the originals on both fine art paper and canvas. In September Tony  is going to the Masai Mara in Africa on safari to gather fresh reference for his paintings. All of his original paintings sell through Haynes Fine Art; fine art dealers based in Broadway, Worcestershire. They are currently exhibiting his work in Palm Beach, Florida as well as many arts and antique fairs in both the US and UK.

Tony’s new website has just been launched for anyone wishing to order prints, read more about the artist and the background of his paintings as well as viewing the full, impressive collection of his work.

Full Painting of "Cheetah Cub" and Detail Crop Sowing Brushstrokes

Full Painting of “Cheetah Cub” and Detail Crop Showing Brushstrokes

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