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Artist Spotlight: Alex Hall – “Haut De Gamme”

Artist Spotlight: Alex Hall – “Haut De Gamme”

Having previously had his artworks scanned and printed elsewhere, Alex came to Fine Art Solutions on the recommendation of his framers. Using our unique scanning system, we have been able to provide Alex with high resolution scans, that not only show the detail in his work, but also the texture in his trademark paint strokes, splatters and drips. Alex’s work provides its challenges, with large, smooth backgrounds that demand perfectly balanced lighting, bold blacks and vivid colours, with gold leaf on top… often on artworks in excess of 150cm x 100cm. Our craftsmen have been able to create bespoke setups to capture all of these features of Alex’s work and produce giclee prints that fit Alex’s profile as ‘Haut De Gamme’.

Alex is a mix-media Artist currently based in West London. He has been selling his work since 2007 but only decided to make a career as an Artist from 2010. Alex’s work can be found all over the world and is getting ever more in demand as his exposure expands.

“He works with so much energy, colour and materials you have to take a second look to take it all in”.

Alex likes to use almost anything relevant to create the effect he is aiming for, predominately working on canvas, linen and wooden-board he uses new and old techniques to produce unique and striking paintings. In addition he has also been commissioned to design and paint on cars, walls, furniture, and clothing.

He has the capability to work in many styles but always incorporates the emotions, fashions and atmosphere around him. From his first ever painting experience at school he always allowed the paint to drip as his constant. The drip is his way of showing the structure and foundation of any subject whilst exemplifying the shapes and movement used when painting. His latest artwork shows his interests in differing forms with their characteristics’ using numerous materials, bold colours and energetic movement.

Alexander’s creativity is inherent from his ancestors of artists, tailors, property designers and automobile pioneers. The hands-on and can-do ethos helped him build up his repeat clients, who rely on his overt passion for creativity. Alexander’s artwork and designs can be seen all over with many of his clientele being household names but his biggest client is still Mr Peter Jones CBE who has 23 paintings and counting. His success with art has allowed him to continue with his creative passion whilst pursuing his other interests in classic cars and motor-racing.


“Top of the range”

French [Adjective] No.1. High-end, Upmarket, Upscale.

‘Haut de Gamme’ (HDG) is an international platform showcasing original artwork, prints, and installations by Alexander Hall. Founded in 2010, HDG was created to provide art and creativity for all types of clientele whether it is for a home or public spaces.

Haut de Gamme supplies all aspects of the project from consultation to installations of high-end art for individuals, venues and businesses in the residential and commercial sector.

Haut de Gamme hosts events and exhibitions to showcase and sell contemporary art. Annually Haut de Gamme will raise as much as possible for Charities and Foundations through collaborations and events close to Alexander.

“‘Haut de Gamme’ is the alias for Alex’s work”

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