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Giclee Printing

Fine Art Printmaking

Giclee Printing SurreyOur large printmaking machines allow us to be extremely flexible with our printing. We are able to print on canvas, paper and many other medias to reproduce an original artwork.

We have the capacity to produce hundreds of prints daily. Each combination of printer, ink and substrate has been custom profiled in-house (colour managed), thus enabling us to control the final colour fidelity of each print. All of our printers are regularly calibrated to ensure their continued repeatability and print quality. It is always important when choosing a printmaking company that you work with a firm that can produce the same print year after year.

Our Master Printers are craftsmen who have a combined experience of over 90 years and specialise in meeting the needs of today’s artists and publishers. Our studio in Chessington allows Fine Art Solutions to offer every possible service and we are passionate about quality and attention to detail, each Giclée print becoming a work of art in its own right.

What is Giclée? Printing

The Giclée printmaking process has been in existence for around 30 years and was originally developed in America. The machines used to create each print do not use copper or aluminum plates like the traditional lithographic printing process, instead the image is sprayed onto the paper, creating a sophisticated printmaking process This technique, although slow, produces prints that are rich in colour, with a flawless velvety texture that matches the feel of the original.

The Advantages of Giclée

This printmaking method has many advantages over other fine art printing methods. Each print is individually produced and carefully inspected by our Master Printers to ensure quality and consistency. Prints can be produced ‘on demand’ and the artist or publisher is not obligated to finish an edition all at once, removing the need for storage and tying up capital in stock.

Printmaking Sizes

Our large fine art printers are capable of producing a width of over 1.5 metres x 15 metres, so whether it’s a large photograph or an impressive painting, we can produce extremely large reproductions, at the very highest quality available in the world today.