Giclee Printing, high end scanning & proofing


Colour Management

Colour management is the process of linearising and profiling our fine art printing presses and associated equipment. It is an important practice, to maintain colour fidelity and consistency. After an artwork is scanned (all capture and output devices have their own colour space) the workflow is influenced by the computer operating system, the image manipulation software, colour correct screens, and ultimately the printers output capability. Fine Art Solutions has invested heavily in the very...

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Canvas Finishes

We can offer 4 different types of finishing for the canvas border, Museum being the standard. All examples shown below, are available by request. Borders are 2 ins (5 cms). Please note: Canvases are shown stretched for illustrative purposes only. We supply canvases unstretched. Museum (Standard) The image is surrounded by a 2″ (5cm) white border.   Colour wrap: You can select any custom colour for the 2″ (5cm) border. Gallery wrap: We enlarge the width and height of the...

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What is copyright? This is a definition of copyright: ‘Copyright is the exclusive property right to permit or prevent copying of certain specified categories of subject matter’. (© Museums Association, August 2004) There’s no need to register copyright: it exists automatically as soon as a painting is created. There’s no registration system for the artist, there are no forms to fill, and no fees to pay. There’s a principle of copyright called the moral right which relates to the artist’s...

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