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Posts made in October, 2012

Kirsty Mitchell Photography at Quaglino’s

Fine art photographer Kirsty Mitchell is exhibiting a selection of works from her Wonderland series at Quaglino’s restaurant in London until Wednesday 14 November. The other worldly photographs are of entirely real scenes, with all props and costumes handmade by Kirsty, who spent a decade as a fashion designer. Fine Art Solutions’ team worked very closely with Kirsty; providing colour proofs, quality review & analysis, together with professional advise, before embarking on the...

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Colour Management

Colour management is the process of linearising and profiling our fine art printing presses and associated equipment. It is an important practice, to maintain colour fidelity and consistency. After an artwork is scanned (all capture and output devices have their own colour space) the workflow is influenced by the computer operating system, the image manipulation software, colour correct screens, and ultimately the printers output capability. Fine Art Solutions has invested heavily in the very...

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