Giclee Printing, high end scanning & proofing


Our Clients

CertificatesFor the artists, photographers and publishers who use our services, we pride ourselves on the ‘personal touch’ and appreciating that many of our clients are running small businesses, it is also important to us that they feel just as valued as our larger customers.


We are confident that our print quality is the best to be found in this country and matches anything else in the world.

In an age of increasing mechanisation and computerisation, both giclée and gouttelette™ printing rely entirely on the skill of a craftsman to obtain the best possible result. Each individual sheet and the unique machine on which it’s printed have to be checked and reset between each sheet.

Every image is checked for colour by an expert in the field; every unusual scan is taken by museum-trained craftsmen on a huge machine, of which there is currently only one in Britain. On this equipment we can reproduce almost anything you like, including old books, manuscripts, maps, watercolours, sporting memorabilia, colour and black and white photography, gold leaf decoration, medieval bookplates, engravings, icons, old posters and anything else you can think of…


Printing of this quality relies on the expertise and experience of the craftsmen. Our technical director has 43 years experience in fine art printing, beginning with a full five-year apprenticeship and a year at the London College of Printing. Supported by a technical engineer with over 35 years in the field, our team offers unrivalled skills and expertise.